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Re-Designing Kista Galleria 2006

By: Samkan \ Comments: 0 \ Date: December 13, 2015

Kista Galleria is a shopping mall located in the Kista district of Stockholm, Sweden. Kista Galleria was opened in 1977 and is well known for its generous opening hours. Kista Galleria is one of the most visited malls in Stockholm with approximately 18 million customers annually, and the third largest in terms of sales.


In 2006 Sam Egag was hired as Creative Director to come up with a strategy and suggestion for a new branding and architecture concept for Kista Galleria. Sam handpicked a Design-Team of 2 architects, 3 graphic designers, 1 lighting designer, 2 material experts and 1 construction manager. These images show some of the results Sam’s Design-Team presented to Kista Galleria CEO and Marketing Manager.


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