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London Conferance on Somalia 2012

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By: samkan \ Comments: 0 \ Date: January 25, 2016


Sam Egag attended London Conference on Somalia 23 Februari 2012 and was given the opportunity to ask UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Somali Prime Minister Abduweli Mohamed Ali a question regarding Somali territorial waters and proclaimed Exclusive Economic Zone.

“What steps or political process are being taken to give Somalia back their Economic Marine Zone”

For centuries, the breadth of the territorial sea has been a controversial issue. It was not until the 1970s that a trend in favor of a twelve nautical mile territorial sea emerged. Notwithstanding this tendency, Somalia claimed an extension of its territorial sea from twelve to 200 nm in 1972.

As of today, Somalia is one of six coastal states that persist in claims to territorial seas exceeding twelve nm. Members of the international community have explicitly protested Somalias territorial sea claim. The resulting ambiguity over Somalia€™s territorial sea leads to difficulties in monitoring fishing activities off the Somalian coast and potentially hinders Somalia in executing its rights of maritime jurisdiction.

Sam was the only reporter at the press conference that raised the question regarding Somalias Exclusive Economic Zone.



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