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INEA 2005

By: Samkan \ Comments: 0 \ Date: December 15, 2015

INEA is a Swedish company that provides innovations within the digital kiosk industry. With a well conceived design concept INEA offers self-service stations in public places such as Shopping Malls, airports, train stations and hospitals.


INEA’s primary mission is to offer the market a fast and easily accessible access to the World Wide Web via Internet Stations where the user/costumer can easily surf, search for information, print documents and handle their e-mail. INEA’s target demographic is initially people that live within the large metropolitan areas. No gender or age group are prioritized as target demographic, however people between 15-55 years used INEA’s self-service stations. The company had to close down 2006 due to a trademark lawsuit initiated by IKEA.


Despite being a start-up company INEA won the trademark case against IKEA.

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