London Conferance on Somalia 2012

News, PR
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Sam Egag attended London Conference on Somalia 23 Februari 2012 and was given the opportunity to ask UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Somali Prime Minister Abduweli Mohamed Ali a question regarding Somali territorial waters and proclaimed Exclusive Economic Zone.

“What steps or political process are being taken to give Somalia back their Economic Marine Zone”

The Trouble with Pirates 2010

Film, PR
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In 2010 through an initiated collaboration with BBC, SVT, ARTE and Film of Records Sam Egag was given the opportunity to travel to Puntland, Somalia tree times where he operated autonomously in a highly intense and challenging environment filming, co-producing and directing a documentary film called “The Trouble with Pirates”.

Re-Designing Kista Galleria 2006

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Kista Galleria is a shopping mall located in the Kista district of Stockholm, Sweden. Kista Galleria was opened in 1977 and is well known for its generous opening hours. Kista Galleria is one of the most visited malls in Stockholm with approximately 18 million customers annually, and the third largest in terms of sales.

INEA 2005

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INEA is a Swedish company that provides innovations within the digital kiosk industry. With a well conceived design concept INEA offers self-service stations in public places such as Shopping Malls, airports, train stations and hospitals.